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Natural Remedies for Teething Babies that Actually Work

These natural teething remedies for the baby are better alternatives than medical products but certainly are not intended to overtake the advice of a medical professional. Of course, if you have questions, please ask your health care practitioner.

Nothing is more miserable than a teething baby and nothing feels more helpless than watching your little one cry out and pain with no idea how to help him.

These are some home remedies for teething babies that actually bring teething relief! You can’t get much better than that!

When my baby starts to cut a tooth, I am always on the lookout for a natural treatment for teething. It just make more sense to stay chemical free and as close to natural as possible. That’s why I prefer home remedies for teething verses store bought. Of course, there are times when natural teething remedies are in order, but first, it’s always best to learn how to help teething baby by just doing the basics!

Then if nothing works, you can always move on to natural teething remedies.

Teething is a natural part of life, but like most growing processes, it can often be very painful.

But it doesn’t have to be. To me, all natural teething is the only way to go. Hopefully as you read this article, you’ll find some all natural teething remedies that will help your baby breeze through teething and you’ll learn how to relieve baby teething pain naturally.

Are you wondering, what is the best cure for teething? Are there alternatives to tylenol for teething? What are the best natural teething remedies?

The truth is, if you know what to do for your baby when he’s teething, you can make his teething time, (and yours) a walk in the park! Ok, maybe not that easy, but close!

Natural teething is definitely the best way to go to keep your baby healthy and happy, and of course, pain free!

If you know what to do when your baby is in pain, you’ll both feel better. To me, natural teething relief has always been the way to go. I prefer not to put toxic chemicals in my babies mouth, (and I’m sure you feel the same way!) 

Thankfully, you have options! Some are as simple as reaching for things you have on hand in your kitchen, while others require a bit of preparation ahead of time! I recommend making sure to have at least a few baby teething remedies on hand.

The screams in the middle of the night. Endless hours of fussiness with no way to comfort. Fevers, rashes, diarrhea.

If you’ve raised babies, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

What is a mommy to do? Teething can be exasperating for the baby and the parents alike. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable.

I know I’ve found myself feeling helpless to offer any relief to my babies and not knowing what to do is an awful feeling.

While there are lots of products on the market, such as baby Tylenol and teething gels, these products can be dangerous for your child if not used properly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too excited about the risk. As I said earlier, I prefer natural teething relief for babies

So before you go shopping in the pharmacy aisle, try some of these natural remedies for teething babies to stop teething pain.

First Try Non-Pain Relief Options as a Means to Give Natural Pain Relief for Teething Babies

It’s easy to think that because your baby is fussy and crying, he’s in pain. But that’s not always the case.

Not all babies experience horrible pain while teething, they’re simply uncomfortable and scared.

Therefore, a good alternative to treating your baby with pain remedies is simply to distract your baby. It’s often a very overlooked solution. We, mommies want to find something to fix our baby’s discomfort, and fast!

Focusing on the pain can actually make it worse, so try to give your baby something else to think about.

Find Something for Your Baby to Chew On

One natural cure for teething pain is giving your baby something to chew on. Pressure on his gums will not only feel good, but it will also distract him from the pain and discomfort by giving him something to do. It may even help that stubborn tooth pop through the gums and relieve some of the pressure.

This is one of many ways how to stop baby teething pain. Remember I told you that you have options!

Try these options great options for things for your baby to chew on:

  • Frozen teething ring. While the cold helps numb your baby’s sore gums, most teething rings also have a raised or textured surface, giving your baby’s gums a massage, in essence. This is also a great option. Or try this set so you never lose one! A word of caution: Be careful because sometimes soft rings can break open if chewed too hard. Also, double check the ingredients and make sure that what’s inside won’t harm your baby.
  • Frozen washcloth. This is one of my favorite options because it’s easy to have on hand. Wet it down and pop it in the freezer. It has all the benefits of the teething ring, but it’s softer for more sensitive babies. Just make sure to plan ahead a little! 🙂 You’ll want to make sure you have one readily available when you need it! And if your baby drools a lot while sucking on it, or you don’t want him to get wet from the rag, these are just the cutest!
  • Food. The right food can help massage your baby’s gums and help the teeth to cut through quicker. In order to avoid a choking situation, I have loved using this super cool contraption to let my baby naw on food I know will help him, yet have the peace-of-mind, knowing he won’t choke. (Bonus tip: that contraption is great for feeding your baby breastmilk popsicles, too!) Frozen bananas can be something new and different for a baby that doesn’t want his teething ring. They taste great too! Just remember to pop in into that nifty contraption before giving it to him! Also, if you choose to give him frozen food, watch to make sure his skin doesn’t get too cold.
  • Teething Biscuits. There are so many great options for teething biscuits that you can give your baby. This brand in particular is a great option. Just be sure to check that they’ll dissolve in your mouth before giving them to your child so there’s no risk of choking. Of course you need to keep a close watch on your baby while his chewing on it. Never leave him unattended.
  • Teething Necklace. Teething necklace are necklaces you can wear a that your baby can happily chew on while he rides around on your hip or sits on your lap. Sometimes just the distraction is enough for your baby, but the counter-pressure on his teeth is also very helpful.

What if These Things Don’t Help?

If you’ve tried all these options and nothing’s working, don’t worry just yet!

There are many natural remedies to stop teething pain. Natural alternatives and herbs can give you a great option for your baby before turning to medicines.

Here are just a few natural teething products that others have found helpful. Sometimes you do have to resort to all natural teething medicine, and that’s ok! Of course it’s always best to check with a doctor before giving anything to your child.

While there’s no cure for teething baby, these natural teething pain relief options, will definitely help!

Don’t Forget About Breastfeeding

If you’re still breastfeeding your baby, then don’t overlook offering a little extra comfort at the breast, which might be just what your baby needs.

Sometimes soothing your baby through the comfort of nursing will help you both feel better!

And don’t think that you have to stop breastfeeding just because your baby gets teeth! You can absolutely nurse your baby even though he’s teething!

What if Nothing Works?

Typically teething is just a process of babyhood that you’ll just have to do your best to comfort your baby through. (Using the above ideas, of course!)

But sometimes as a mom, you might feel like there’s something more going on. It can be hard to discern if your baby is uncomfortable from the teething pain or if he has something else going on.

If you’ve tried all these remedies and nothing has worked, take your child to his pediatrician. It can be easy to miss an illness because you might mistake the crying and fussiness caused by teething for an actual sickness.

Remember to Be Patient

The most important thing to remember with a teething baby is to be patient. When you get upset and frustrated, you child gets upset and frustrated too.

There’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop the process of teething. And these natural remedies for teething pain won’t solve all your problems, but they will certainly help! You can make your baby more comfortable by using these simple remedies for teething pain.

These baby teething natural products have been a lifesaver for my babies and me. If it weren’t for baby teething remedies, I’m not sure how we would have made it through the rough years of teething!

Just be patient and remember that by using natural remedies to stop teething pain, you’ll be doing your best to help your baby through one of the many stages of growing up.

What natural teething remedies that actually work have you tired with your baby? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve that you’d like to share?Do you have any favorite all natural teething remedies? Or any natural ways to soothe teething? Comment below and let me know! You never know! I might need to use your idea in the middle of the night, sometime! 

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Baby Teething Remedies: Natural Teething Remedies that Actually Work

Baby Teething Remedies: Natural Teething Remedies that Actually Work



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