The Breastfeeding Bracelet is a Pretty Amazing Tool!

What will they think of next?

Can I just say that I think the breastfeeding bracelet is one of the coolest things out there! (Ok, I’m easily impressed, but anyway!)

Seriously! In this digital world, where constant notifications are dinging and ringing every two minutes, I’m good with something that is back to the basics!

I hope you’re just as excited about the breastfeeding bracelet as I am, because quite frankly, I think it’s awesome!

And if you stick with me, I’m about to tell you how you can get one for FREE using my coupon code!

Have you ever struggled with trying to remember your breastfeeding schedule?

I have seven kids and I can honestly say that the more kids I’ve had, the harder it has been to remember what time I nursed last and on which side. 

Now, I don’t schedule feed my babies per se, but I have had a content baby or two who doesn’t mind waiting to nurse if I get tied up with something else. 

Or I simply get busy and forget what time it was when the last feeding was.

Having a breastfeeding bracelet on my wrist is a gentle reminder of what time I last fed my baby. And let me just say that this is way better than the old hair tie trick around the wrist and much more fashionable at that!

But What is It?

The idea is so simple it’s almost ridiculous!

It’s kind of like one of those, Why didn’t I think of that? items!

Seriously, when you discover how simply awesome it is, and I do mean simply, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Basically, it’s a nursing bracelet made out of silicone that flips inside out. On each side of the bracelet, right and left is inscribed.

The breastfeeding bracelet is really soft and comfortable to wear. But the super awesome part are the little notches that allow you to track how long your baby ate and at what time.

I mean seriously, you see what I’m talking about? How awesome is that?

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Why do I Need It?

Need is a strong word!

Maybe we should go with why would you want one? 

The answer is, because as a busy mom, you don’t need to worry about one more thing!  

The breastfeeding bracelet will help you keep track of your feedings without having to carry around a breastfeeding log or a smartphone app.

The idea is ingenious!

How do I Use It?

Since it’s made out of silicone, the breastfeeding bracelet can be worn for any activity. It can be kept on day or night and really just looks like any other accessory.

Once you finish nursing your baby, you can easily flip the band to indicate right or left.

It can even be done with one hand!

Whichever side is facing out, is the side that you last fed on. The time indicator sliders will let you know what time you last fed your baby and for how long. (See what I mean? How cool!!)

Where Can I Get It?

The good news is you can get one for FREE by using my coupon code!

The folks over at milk bands nursing bracelets have given me a code for my readers and I want to invite you to use it.

Here’s where you can get your free breastfeeding bracelet:

And here is your coupon code:



How is it Useful?

I find that the breastfeeding bracelet is especially helpful if you:

  • Are a new mom who isn’t quite used to the habit of breastfeeding
  • Have other kids around who can easily distract you and cause you to forget your breast feeding schedule and what time you last nursed, as well as how long
  • Are scatter-brained like I am! 🙂
  • Have a lot of things on your plate that you are trying to keep track of
  • Just want something cool and different that nobody else has!

The breastfeeding bracelet is also perfect for the middle of the night feedings when, if you’re like me, you can’t remember your first name!

I have been awakened many times in the middle of the night to nurse a little one and couldn’t tell you in the morning which side I nursed on.  

Since the breastfeeding bracelet is so easy to use, it would just take one little slip of the band in order to remember when you last nursed. 

I invite you to head over to milk and snag your FREE breastfeeding bracelet right away!

But…it’s Not JUST for Breastfeeding!

Need a few breastfeeding band hacks?

If you’re not nursing, that’s OK, you can use it for:

  • Keeping track of how much water you drink each day
  • Keeping track of fertility treatments. You definitely need to check out this testimonial!
  • Are you a parent of multiples? Order one in each color and keep track of which baby nursed when and on which side.

I’m telling you, these things are ingenious!

It’s a really simple thing that can make such a big difference in the sanity of your everyday life!

Go Check it Out!

Don’t forget to check out the breastfeeding bracelet! I’m so excited about the breastfeeding bracelet! Can you tell? I hope it makes all the difference in your breastfeeding experience!

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Have you heard of the breastfeeding bracelet? It's amazing! It will help you keep track of your baby's breastfeeding schedule.

Have You Heard of the Breastfeeding Bracelet? It’s Amazing!



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