Are Cloth Diapers Really Better for Baby? Find Out the Benefits of Cloth Diapering

It used to be diapering was such a hassle; mothers had no choice but to use cloth diapers, clumsy pins, and annoying covers. Then they invented disposable diapers and most mothers thought it was a miracle. Now, about 80% of diapered babies use disposable diapers. But are plastic diapers really better? Before you go grab a pack of Pampers, catch up on some of the benefits of cloth diapers.

Why Cloth Diaper?

The question whether or not to cloth diaper could be answered a million different ways depending on who you ask. Here are some of the main reasons why people why people choose to cloth diaper.

  • It’s healthier for your baby. Since cloth diapers do not contain chemicals like disposable diapers to your baby won’t be exposed to anything.
  • It’s more economical. Even though the initial investment to start cloth diapering can be a little expensive, in the end you will end up saving money buy cloth diapering.
  • It’s better for the environment. Disposable diapers are responsible for filling up landfills across the world. By reusing diapers you’re contributing to helping the environment.
  • Pure preference. Some people just prefer to cloth diaper because they like to.

Are Cloth Diapers Really Cheaper?

Figure out about how many diapers you use in a week and multiply it by 52. Next time you go to buy diapers, look at how much they cost. You’ll find that it’s a lot of diapers, translating to a lot of money. As I mentioned above, there is an initial investment to purchase a cloth diapering setup.

Even though that investment can be a little bit hefty at first, you will still end up saving money in the end. Especially if you plan to use cloth diapers with subsequent babies. You can lower the cost even more by purchasing used cloth diapers online. (Check out Facebook groups, Craigslist, and eBay.) This post does a good job of breaking it all down. 

What is the Average Cost Per Diaper?

The average parent spends $2,000 – $2,000 diapering their child up to age three. That’s a lot of money! Now go look at the cost of cloth diapers. Sure, they’re a little more expensive at the start, but you don’t have to buy them every week.

Even with the added expense of washing cloth diapers it still doesn’t compare to the cost of disposable diapers.

Are Cloth Diapers Worth the Trouble?

Most moms choose disposable diapers because they think cloth diapers are annoying and inconvenient. What they don’t realize is that cloth diapers have changed since we were kids. Diaper pins have been replaced with convenient snappis and Velcro-like materials (Velcro itself isn’t flexible enough). It’s super convenient! 

You can also get fitted cloth diapers to help keep out leaks. You can choose cute covers, or you can get wool ones; these are especially fun because you can find them in great colors and patterns.

Check out this post if you’re wondering which cloth diaper is best for your baby?

If you just like the convenience of disposable diapers, there are now all in one cloth diapers that require no folding, no liners, and can just be thrown straight in the wash.

Since cloth diapers have come so far in their ingenuity, they really aren’t as inconvenient as they used to be. I’ve had conversations with my grandma, who had no other choice, but to cloth diaper her kids, and it sounded like a miserable mess. In fact, she believes the arthritis in her fingers is due to rinsing out cloth diapers in cold toilet water for years and years. Yuck! That is no longer an issue with the invention of diaper sprayers, and modern washing machines.

For whatever reason you choose to cloth diaper, I’m sure you will believe it’s worth the trouble. Whether it’s based on conviction for conserving the environment, or simply wanting your baby to have a healthier alternative, whenever you have a reason to do something, it makes it worth it.

Purpose of Cloth Diapers

The purpose of cloth diapers is to keep your baby dry and clean. Just like any other diaper, your end goal (no pun intended! 😉 ) is to save a mess and keep your baby comfortable. Cloth diapers just provide a means to do that while saving money, space in landfills, and sparing your precious little one from toxic chemicals. Cloth diapers really save the same purpose as disposable diapers. They just have benefits and advantages in their own rights.

Advantages of Using Cloth Diapers

There are many advantages to using cloth diapers. Of course, the health benefits to your baby are phenomenal. Some babies are allergic to the chemicals in disposable diapers, leaving no other option but to use cloth diapers. Another advantage to using cloth diapers is that theoretically, as long as you keep up on the wash, you will never run out of diapers. No more midnight runs to the store because you accidentally forgot to buy more diapers.

You will also see a significant reduction in the waste in your home, which is also a great advantage to using cloth diapers. You may even be able to reduce your garbage service, which will save you money in the long run. There’s always the financial aspect of using cloth diapers. You truly will save money once you are set up on the system and you’ve purchased your starter kit.

Here are my top three pics for cloth diaper starter kits:

  1. Smaller Cloth Diaper Starter Kit
  2. Cloth Diaper Starter Kit
  3. Cloth Diaper Starter Kit

Cloth Diaper Benefits for Baby

Your baby probably doesn’t care what you put on her bum, but you will have the added assurance that she is chemical-free and whatever that it is touching her skin is soft and gentle. You’ll be keeping her from an exposure to harmful chemicals.

Another added benefit for cloth diapering your baby is that she will likely potty-train quicker than if she was using disposable diapers. Theories suggest that it is because cloth diapers allow your baby to feel the wetness/dirtiness on their skin and babies don’t like that. Typically, babies who are cloth diapered, potty train much quicker.

Parents Who Use Cloth Say it’s Worth It

So, why not save the environment, save some cash, and help your baby stay healthy by using good old, dependable cloth diapers? So many parents are cloth diapering these days that it warrants taking a second look. There are many parents who say that cloth diapering is definitely worth the hassle that it involves. I, personally, have enjoyed cloth diapering because I feel like I am doing the best that I can for my baby, my finances, and the environment. In my humble opinion, it is definitely worth it.

Wondering What Cloth Diapers Should I Use?

Unlike when my grandma was cloth diapering, there are thousands of choices for cloth diapering to choose from. You may even find yourself overwhelmed at the sheer volume of cloth diapers on the market. I’ve broken down the cloth diaper types and some options in this post. Be sure to take a look!

Check out the benefits of using cloth diapers for your baby. There are many reasons cloth diapering is best for your baby.


Do you have any questions about cloth diapering? Not sure where to start? Comment below and I’d be glad to help you as you get started on your journey! I’ve been parenting for 17 years! I have a little experience under my belt! 😉 Don’t be shy! Just ask!

Cloth Diaper Benefits: Are Cloth Diapers Better for Baby?


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